Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Little Introduction.

Hi guys, so I guess first of all I thought I should tell you abit about myself and exactly why I started this blog. 

I'm 27 years old and currently living with my mum and boyfriend in Slough Berkshire, I won't bore you with the details too much but recently we've just moved home, not far from the old house actually, just ten minutes up the road in fact.  Mum decided to downsize. So we are currently living in a two bedroom house which is lovely and so far I've enjoyed it here and it's certainly started to feel more homely now that we've added all our furniture and put our mark on the place. It's been about three months since we've moved in but feels like longer to me, guess that's a good thing. Right? 

Oh I forgot to mention the pets.. we have two cats, Esso and Magic.. and my very spoiled dog Lennie, who's half Jack Russel and half Patterdale, he is a mummy's boy and I'm sure he will be in my blog posts to come.

So on to the important stuff.. I've been obsessed with all things makeup since I turned 22/23 I'd say, before that I didn't really care about it. I think that's because mainly I didn't know what the hell I was doing, sure I knew how to chuck mascara on my lashes but it would be some old mascara that had probably been in my mums makeup bag for an eternity, because like me she never wore makeup unless it was Christmas or some special occasion, it was always dry and clumpy but hey it did the job. Appearance wise, I never suffered from spots too much so never had to worry about  having to cover them with concealer or foundation, Not being too vain, but I'd always thought I never needed makeup really, I thought I was ok without it. 

So going back..

2013 rolls by and I'm on my PC bored as usual and I go on YouTube, which back then I only ever used to go on to watch music videos, suddenly in the area where it says 'recommended' is a video of a girl doing a E.L.F makeup haul (Beccarose) previously known then as voussontbeauetbelle and to me I was a little intrigued, I'd say about 10 minutes later the video was over and I suddenly went on to more and more makeup hauls and tutorials and before you know it I've spent all day watching people do their makeup and I loved it. Not only did I enjoy watching them but I also went out and bought my first foundation and now here we are in 2016 soon to be 2017 and I have so much make up (that I cant even afford mind you) that it's overflowing my bedroom. 

So that's the main breakdown of things, if I'm missing stuff out please be patient with me as this is my first attempt at trying to cram all I want to say in these few paragraphs and I think I'm kind of doing an ok job. (Kinda) 

I decided to blog because I see a lot of beauty gurus blogging and it seems so much fun. To a lot of them actually it's their living but I'm not hoping to get millions of views or comments, I'm just hoping someone sees my page and gets enjoyment from it like I have others :) I enjoy reading what people have to say and I'd like to think I can do the same.. my blog is going to consist of a bit of this and that, mainly beauty and lifestyle, maybe abit of fashion in there too, because I think that's what I've got more to talk about really and its what im quite passionate about now. 

I'm hoping to blog as much as i can to start with and then who knows from there.. My blog is my oyster :) I think blogging now and then is reasonable as I might not get alot of views and I want to see how things go.. also I feel i'll have more content if I leave things and recap on the week.. 

But for now that's all I've got :) 

Thanks for reading


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